The aims and objectives of RS Welfare Organization Zafarwaal are;

1. To raise the socio–economicstatus of the poor of the Society.
2. To provide proper career guidance, both at grass root level and professional level via the network of professional advisors and psychologists.
3. To bring females particularly female students into equal footings with male counterparts through a cooperative and counseling approach that will help them out to overcome the difficulties like miscommunication, misrepresentation and misperceptions.
4. To help poor students in their education and to encourage meritorious students with scholarships and providing uniform and books.
5. To encourage sports, fine arts and entertainment.
6. To arrange workshops and vocational trainings and to seek assistance from Government and other NGOs’ in the accomplishment of its aims and objectives so the region may be developed.
7. To cooperate with Government and other Non-Government Organizations to combat social issues to promote peace and love.
8. To help needy and poor people in a best way in order to make our society for all a better place to live in and enhance youth talent to high level by providing better opportunities for the betterment of society.
9. To keep students up to date regarding admissions in different colleges and universities, both national and international.
10. To facilitate an online platform for its members for faster and better communication and to bridge the communication gap regarding different walks of life.
11. To support and encourage ethical and value based education via focus on character building, tolerance, discipline, wisdom and team building through seminars and counseling in different community schools.
12. To aware society of civic consciousness (like SOS centers and drug abuse) in public by encouraging and involving them in healthy learning activities that would enable them to be politically groomed, socially responsible and culturally cultivated citizens.