Message from General Secretory

“Success is not a destination, but a journey without a finishing line. It cannot be undertaken without the vision, creative energy, hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to do everything that is necessary.”

It gives me an immense pleasure that RS Welfare Foundation(Resham Shafiq) being a non-political, non-government, non-commercial/profit & non-religious organization has entered into its four year of operations as an autonomous entity. Established in 2010 in District Narowal, Punjab, Pakistan is working for the social uplift of the most underprivileged section of our society without the barrier of religion, cast and creed. During these years, RS Welfare Foundation has experienced significant growth in terms of outreach as well as the range of services that we offer to bring about positive social change. For the coming years we are all geared up for major strategic expansion and growth moves. We are planning to further scale up our operations by adopting more and more educational institutions. Our main focuses are all about the education awareness and the need for the teaching in Pakistan. This organization is working in such districts where the education percentage was much low and minimum. The main aim and objective is to make the adult and teenager girls and boys regarding their responsibilities and duties towards the education revivalism in their life. As we know that the educational and environmental standard is much poor in the rural and villages, therefore this organization helps the rural communities to setup perfect and reliable surroundings for the education.

Since the day I have taken the responsibility of managing the organization,I have been actively involved in improving rural livelihood through its educational, adult literacy, environmental awareness, women development and capacity building of community groups, projects and activities. We believe that lifelong commitment to high quality work can result only when teams work together to capitalize on the synergy for optimal performance. Being a learning organization, RS Welfare Foundation is constantly engaged in its quest for excellence and perfection.

In the end, I would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of our respected Directors, Members and supporters who are our real assets .I believe that we have been successful so far due to the commitment of our esteemed Chairman, Directors, Board Members and extra –ordinary hard work of our team at all levels. It is my firm belief that with the continued support and involvement of our supporters, RS Welfare Foundation will be successful in ensuring that the poor people in Pakistan are given the opportunity to realize their true reward.

General Secretory

Ghulam Ahmad