R S Welfare Foundation

    RS Welfare Foundation was established in 2010 as a not-for-profit organization to address the dire need for education and literacy in the rural areas of Pakistan. Pakistan is facing an educational crisis with more than 25 million children not being able to avail their constitutional right to a quality education. One in ten of the world’s out-of-school children is a Pakistani. Education is the only tool which can enable the country to develop and progress amongst the community of nations. Realizing this problem, RS Welfare Foundation’s founders envisaged building a welfare organization to serve the marginalized communities and underprivileged families. . Our goal is to provide quality marketable education to all. We view our work as nation building. By empowering our children with a solid education, we hope to make them better, more productive members of society. With your help and support in our good cause we can even impact national literacy figures.

Brief History

When we adopted the Govt. Girls Primary School Lagwal there was a very poor situation of school staff and the students.The total strength of both the adopted schools were not more than 200 students but due to our dedication and hardworking now we have the strength of more than 600 female students at the girls side and 250 students at the boys side. We have also adopted Darman Boys High School and improved its strength to 700 from 250 students.
We have achieved and improved the education standards by following practices,

1. Teachers Training
2. Talent Support
3. Primary School Building
4. Orphan Sponsorship
5. Upgrading the school to High School level
6. Introducing Science classes
7. Activating Libraries
8. Digitized the Schools with Computer Operators
9. New Enrollment
10. By Giving Excellent 100% Result of Fifth&Eight Grade in 2011
11. By Giving an outstanding result of 9th class in 2012.

We have hired qualified Staff in both schools, in Govt. Girls Elementary School Lagwal there are 20 qualified teachers teaching the classes, 02 peons and a baby care female. In boys school there are 05 male teachers and a peon. We have a total staff of 60 qualified Personalities.